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From the ancient world to our technologically-advanced world, pharmacies held enormous importance in the daily lives of people. Early pharmacies provided the much-needed medicines and remedies to combat various diseases and other ailments. With the spread of pharmacies all over the world during ancient times, specialized professions emerged. One of these professions includes pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

Pharmacy technicians work side by side with pharmacists in the preparation of prescription medications. These professionals work not only in pharmacies but hospitals as well. We often see them behind the counter, but they juggle different tasks such as taking prescriptions either in person or over the phone. They also work with other health professionals in catering to the clients.

Pharmacy technicians are also skilled in mixing medicines, measuring medications, and giving out instructions for the medicine. Along with these tasks, they also help in taking payments, setting up consultations as well as recommendations. Pharmacy techs are the bridge between the pharmacists and the clientele.

To be a pharmacy tech, the minimum requirement is a high school diploma. However, this may depend on the state that you intend to work in if you want to be a pharmacy technician. Apart from that, you also have to take training classes and pass a particular exam. Most training sessions are performed on the job. But if you want to get ahead and stand out, it is recommended to take vocational courses or earn an associate degree in pharmacy technology.

Some of the requirements and skills that you should have to be an effective pharmacy technician are organization, attention to detail, and skills in customer service. A pharmacy tech has many tasks to juggle. That is why it is essential to be organized and be able to balance such duties, especially in assisting the pharmacists and in catering to the needs of the clients.

Another must-have skill is the attention to detail. When you commit an error in filling a particular prescription, it can be a cause of illness and other unfortunate mishaps. Pharmacy technicians need to be sure that they are on top of every detail so that each client receives the right medication.

Lastly, skills in customer service are highly important. As a pharmacy tech, you will be facing clients as well as medical professionals every day. You may need to relay information and also answer questions. With this, it is vital that you are a good listener and an effective communicator. It is also worth noting that having a pleasant demeanor while interacting with either healthcare professionals or customers is a huge plus.

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