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If you think the relevance of pharmacy technicians is dwindling, then you should think again.

At 2015, studies show that there were approximately 282,000 pharmacists and 397,430 pharmacy techs that were employed in the States. This translates to the fact that pharmacists do need the assistance of pharm techs. If you still have doubts, hang on.
There has also been a significant 49 percent increase of pharmacy tech; approximately 130,640 workers between 2005-2015. To kill further doubts, the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected a nine percent growth in the employment of pharmacy technicians from 2014-2024.

In addition, pharmacy technicians earn a median annual wage of 30,920 USD. The best-paid earns $45,710 the lowest, $21,370 respectively.

With all these said, there’s no better time to become a pharmacy technician in the States. There’s a huge void that must be met and is begging to be filled.

If you are an aspiring Pharmacy technician living in Arizona, this article will help you know how to become one.

Becoming a Pharmacy Technician in Arizona

This occupation is one that requires administrative, medical, and customer service skills in a pharmacy set-up. In simpler words, pharmacy techs are to support and assist pharmacists in important roles.

To be one in the state of Arizona, you’ll require proper training, certification, and license. Let’s look at the procedures in details:

Apply for A Pharmacy Technician Training Program

Becoming a pharmacy tech requires proper training. You can’t afford to make mistakes in a pharmacy. To avoid this, you need proper training that will equip you with the skills and knowledge to handle real situations in a pharmacy.

You could apply for a pharmacy technician training school as most only require a high school diploma to apply. Training duration varies with school but Arizona college requires 34 weeks, 30 weeks of coursework and 4-week externship.

Complete the Training from an Accredited Institute

Becoming a pharmacy tech doesn’t end at just applying for a training program, you have to complete the training.

This is indeed the important primary path of transitioning into this career path. Once you undergo and complete the training, you become prepared to pass certification and licensing exams that you will write to be a certified pharmacy technician.

However, while choosing an institute, ensure to find one with modern technology, qualified and experienced tutors and real-life pharmacy situations. Most importantly, the institute must be ASHP accredited.

Gain Real-Life Experience

It does not end in the classroom. Gaining the theoretical and laboratory experience is important but you also need to gain real-life experience.

Start by searching for an externship. In some schools, it is part of their curriculum while in some schools it’s left to you to search for one and improve yourself.
Some training schools require an externship to complete training, so get one.

Get a License

While you’re undergoing training, you have to get a license- Pharmacy technician trainee license.

This license is required by people who are yet to pass the Pharmacy Technician Certified Board (PTCB). To get one, contact the school/college where you’re undergoing training.

Acquire Certification

Upon completion of your pharmacy tech training, externship and obtaining your trainee license, the next step is to get certified.

This certification will make you a pharmacy technician. To get this certification, you have to sit for the exam. With the knowledge and experience, you’ve acquired, writing the exam should be no big deal.

Further Development

After getting certified, what keeps you relevant is continued development. As you work, you need to continue education to maintain your license.

This is because it is required of certified technicians to undergo a minimum of 20 hours of continued education every two years to maintain their license.

Finding a Pharmacy Tech Job in Arizona

Congratulations! you are a certified Pharmacy technician but you don’t have a job yet. Staying out of job for a long while means staying out of practice which can be dangerous. You start to lose your training, forgetting key things and that’s why you need to get a job.

How can you then avoid this and get a Pharmacy tech job in the state of Arizona? It’s simple. Just apply.

There’s a huge void in the medical business world for pharmacy techs to fill and you have all it takes, so apply. There are places where you can start dropping off your applications and they’ll be happy to employ you.

• Hospitals
• Retail pharmacies
• Insurance companies
• Long-term care facilities
• Institutional pharmacies

Also, some schools/colleges employ their students or refer them to other medical facilities where their help is needed.

If you haven’t had a job before, don’t wait for high paying pharmacy tech jobs because you might wait a while. Big facilities preferably employ pharm techs with working experience so start off at places like hospitals or retail pharmacies.

If you get a big paying job at your first try, then lucky you. Apply to as many institutions as possible and try out all your options.


Becoming a pharmacy technician in the state of Arizona has never been laid out so easy. The most interesting thing about the growing dependence on pharmacy technicians its new springing opportunities in sectors like pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and even military pharmacies.

However, all the information embedded in this article would be utterly useless if not acted upon. If you really aspire to become a pharmacy technician in Arizona, then do as stated and your dream will surely materialize.

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