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The basic in today’s world is useful information as is served here today. The state of California offers job applicants a wide variety of career opportunities in today’s world. Employee services are essential to the people of California, and it is a top priority today. These job opportunities account for most of the vital work done in the state of California today. Based on all that has been said so far, we look at the requirements for any individuals seeking to become a pharmacy technician in the city of California in a bid to enlighten them ahead on what is needed to get the job.

Now, the state of California requires everyone seeking employment as a pharmacy technician to possess and keep their current registration with California State Board of pharmacy active. The application for this license is done by the completion and submission of an application for the pharmacy technician license which would cost about $80 for submission. This application also has to come with a recent photo, a self-query report, fingerprints submitted via live scan as well as a qualification document as proof of completion for the pharmacy technology training course.

Basic Pharmacy Technician Requirements in California

These are the minimum registration requirements for registering as a basic pharmacy technician in California:

  • You must be a graduate from a pharmacy school that is recognized by the Board
  • Must be of good ethical character
  • Must pass a criminal background check
  • Must earn an associate’s degree in pharmacy technology
  • Must have a high school diploma
  • Must be certified by the PTCB
  • Must have completed a course of training specified by the Board of Pharmacy

How to check the Status of Your Pharmacy Technician Application

  • You must be patient for 45 days to allow the board to process your application before checking the status.
  • The board will inform you via mail if your application isn’t finished.
  • If you don’t get a deficiency letter, check the board’s site every day to confirm if your permit/license has been issued.
  • To verify if your permit has been issued, it would be ideal if you check the board’s site by conducting a License Search. Confirmation of licensure from the board’s website is verification of licensure.
  • Licenses are printed and sent from a third party. New licenses ought to be received between four weeks to about a month and a half after a permit is issued and will be sent to the location of the record on the document with the board.

Training Requirements

The Board of Pharmacy determines the training courses that meet all requirements for licensure. One of the accompanying three courses is satisfactory:

  • Pharmacy technology programs given by one of the government military administrations whereby an endorsement was earned.
  • Pharmacy technology programs that are accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
  • Other courses having a training period containing somewhere around 240 guidance hours, which incorporates: pharmacy practice settings, pharmacy tech obligations and duties, pharmaceutical and medical terms, estimations for doses, identification of medications, prescription dispensing and strategies, and systems for medication manufacturing, packaging as well as labeling.

How to Find a Pharmacy Tech Job in California

Finding a job in the city of California is not as difficult as getting the basic requirements for employment. First of all, the majority is dependent on two factors

  • Your city of residence
  • Your employment requirements as it tallies with what the employers are willing to give

There are many search engines state related to different employers as well as what they are willing to offer, their requirements and the job schedule. With this, you have the ability to preview what they have.


Getting a job entails two things, knowing the specific requirements stated by the employing organization as well as what you want as an employee to prevent things from getting difficult. Many individuals find it difficult to get jobs and many find it difficult to keep it all because of the lack of information. We have dropped the required information as an enlightening piece to prevent most of these problems from recurring while in the process, make the lives of individuals who are looking to become pharmacy technicians easy. The world is better with information and information is what it is, have a lovely day.

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