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What experience is required for Pharmacy

No experience in the Pharmaceutical industry is required to become a pharmacy technician. Many jobs prefer that you have customer service experience or experience working in a fast-paced environment. Most jobs will require a Pharmacy Technician license/certification even if it is not required by the state and many certification programs allow you to gain hands-on clinical training during the program.


What are the Eligibility Requirements for Pharmacy Tech Jobs?

Requirements differ from state to state. All states require a high school diploma. Some permit you to start working as a pharmacy tech without formal training. Others dictate registering with the state to hold pharmacy tech jobs. When no formal training is required, you will likely shadow the pharmacist or attend in-house training sessions.

Otherwise, you need to attend a community college or vocational school for about a year to qualify for certification. For an associate degree, expect to attend classes for about two years. The focus will be on:

Medical terminology
Pharmacy ethics & law
Healthcare systems

There are several options to get the clinical experience you’ll need to become certified. Some schools offer experience in the course of your training. Certain retail drugstore pharmacies partner with schools to provide clinical training. Or, at authorized pharmacies, you can shadow the pharmacist.

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