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Becoming a Pharmacy technician is one great option of getting into the medical field. A pharmacy technician is someone who arranges and allots prescriptions under the supervision of a drug specialist also known as a pharmacist. As a health care provider, he performs Pharmacy related functions such as Preparing medications,  Labeling of prescription bottles, counting tablet, other administrative duties like answering the phone, operating the cash register, stocking shelves and supply medicine to the patient under the immediate supervision of an authority, a pharmacist. In a nutshell, a pharmacy technician assists the pharmacist to help patients and customers. They are expected to be knowledgeable, attentive, accurate and friendly.

Candidates Interested to become pharmacy technicians are expected to undergo training.

Generally, before you will be eligible to sit for pharmacy technician examination, you need to meet some basic requirements.

  •    Apply & Schedule the Examination
  •    Set Up NHA Account
  •    Prepare for Examination.

Most schools require a high school diploma or GED as entry qualification, although some individual schools might have additional requirements. Pharmacy technician Programs ranges from 15 weeks to two years. Certificates to be awarded include an associate degree, certificate and or diploma.

For one to become a certified pharmacy technician (CPhT), he or she is expected to write NHA’s ExCPT examination. The examination conducted is to help candidates to become licensed technicians in order to secure jobs.

Intended Pharmacy Technician is expected to sit for National Pharmacy Technician Examination and obtain a National Pharmacy Technician Certificate as that is what qualifies the candidate to become a pharmacy technician.

There are many pharmacy technician schools in Florida. They includes;

National American University Online

Pharmacy Technician A.A.S.

Orlando Academy School of Health Professions – Online

Pharmacy Technician

Ashworth College

Pharmacy Technician (Certified)   (NEW)

Penn Foster Career School

Florida Pharmacy Technician


Blackstone Career Institute

Various Programs

Brookline College Institute Online

Diploma – Pharmacy Technician-Ground

U.S. Career Institute

Various Healthcare Programs


The State Board of Pharmacy in Florida approved the PTCB (PTCE) certification examination. However, after obtaining the certificate, the pharmacy technician is expected to complete the training program.



Pharmacy technicians stand to benefit from the growing market for prescription medications across the state of Florida. With the continued aging of the population and related health challenges, it is obvious that demand for pharmacy technicians will continue to outpace their availability in the coming years. There work is mostly in pharmacy, they attend to customers over-the-counter, prescribe and administer medicines. They do not have the authority to advise the patient to use any type of drug product.

Pharmacy Technician workers in Florida Hospital are paid range of $16 – $19.  With an average annual salary of $32,170. Pharmacy technicians can earn an average annual salary of $38,290 when they attain the rank of the top 90 percentile of all technician earners according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Entry level technicians (the 10 percentile) can conveniently receive an average hourly wage of $9.92. The increases are to an average wage of $11.39 for the 25 percentile, also a middle hourly wage of $13.54 for all technician earners. The stated wages correspond to average annual salaries of $20,630 for new entrants, as well as $23,690 for the 25 percentile, and an average annual salary of $28,160 for all technician earners.

One best way to find a job as a pharmacy technician in Florida is through an online google search using keywords. Pharmacy technicians looking for a job in Florida should keep an updated license with the Board of Pharmacy from either the PTCB or ICPT (ExCPT).

Pharmacy technicians can transfer the license to Florida by submitting proof of completed training program approved by the State Board of Pharmacy in Florida. A copy of your US Social Security Card and $55 biennial registration fee and another $50 for the application fee should be included.

Continues education programs are not ruled out for registered Pharmacy Technicians in Florida, they are required to obtain a minimum of 12 contact hours of continuing education (CE) of which 2 hours must be via live presentation and 2 hours must be related to the prevention of medication errors of which 1 hour must be in HIV/Aids education for the first renewal if they are licensed.

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